Hillary Clinton, Emails, and a Career as a Mediator – An Open Letter


Hillary Clinton, Emails, and a Career as a Mediator – An Open Letter

Dear Hillary Clinton,

Quoting Ronald Reagan, “there you go again.” You have information, this time in the form of emails, that is being demanded of you and you stand accused of holding back. That must feel terrible. I sure wouldn’t people to know all of my private communications. And, this is not your first time. Do you recall the Rose Law Firm and Whitewater? Do you recall Susan Rice and Benghazi? Will it ever stop?

I am not writing to cast dispersions. To the contrary, I feel bad for you and I have the perfect solution. I am writing to recommend that you become a mediator. You would love it! Anything you say, not only can, but has to be kept confidential. Rules 10.230 (e) and 10.360 in the ADR Resource Handbook say so. This includes emails sent and received, perhaps for pre-mediation preparation.

It is as if you wrote the rule yourself. You would not have any of the problems you have been having as a politician. As a mediator you would not have to reveal emails or much of anything. Just think about it – not even a paper trail.

Plus, you would be advancing the cause of women’s rights which is so dear to you. You see, we don’t have enough women in our profession but if you, Hillary Clinton, became a mediator, you would be an inspiration to many others to follow.

So, please consider my suggestion. You can access the requirements for certification and mediation training providers on my website, keithbradymediation.com. If you have questions, you can reach me on my cell phone, 407 754 6437. I’ll keep our discussion confidential. Just imagine: Hillary Clinton with no more troubles.


Keith Brady


Email: Keith@KeithBradyLaw.com